New Year’s Makeup: Green Dream!

Do you wanna go bold as you head into 2017? 

Maybe you’ve never tried green before, or you thought it might look too “out there” so you shied away from it. Green Dream may be perfect for you!

Go here for my makeup tutorial on Youtube!
For the new years I’m double dog daring you to go bold and to try something new!

My New Year’s look is called Green Dream. It’s a bold green/black eye paired with luscious plum lips. I used to avoid bright colors like the plague because I never thought they’d look good against my skin tone. But, once I tried green… I fell in love. I hope you’ll enjoy this look too. If you do try it, send me a photo on the contact page or post it to the Facebook page! I’d LOVE to see it 🙂

How do you get this look? You can watch my Youtube tutorial here. Or you can read about it below. Whatever floats your boat!

Finally got my makeup back, but I did swipe my mom’s mascara, because it’s just so perfecto!

All of the products I used for Green Dream! (minus the Q-tips and tissues)


  1. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer: (Find @ Ulta) You can also snag this from CVS too! Just rub this onto your face and it helps with oil control. Oily-skinned people unite! A little product goes a long and gives you a silky smooth base.
  2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: (Find @ Sephora). Pat, pat, pat this all over both lids to get them ready for some sexy green eyes. RAWR!
  3. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer [Hazelnut] (Find @ Sephora): Cover dark spots or any other blemishes by spotting the wand onto them. I remember getting this from Sephora and I loved it instantly. It’s creamy and it provides medium coverage. It’s not particularly cheap, so I’m careful with how much of it I use. So keep that in mind. But, Benefit Cosmetics Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer [05 Deep] is REALLY REALLY good and it lasts for a looooong time. (Find it @Sephora) It’s also cheaper by nine dollars. But hey, it’s money saved! I recommend this if you’re looking for full and more intense coverage. I ran out of it otherwise I would have used this concealer too! Either way…
    1. Just bounce a beauty blender to cover your face evenly, or use a makeup wedge from a drugstore. Both work well.
  4. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush [515 Tangerine]: (Find @ Sephora) I clearly go to Sephora quite a bit, but they carry some really great things. Use your beauty blender, makeup wedge, or your finger to pad this from the lower part of your temple to your cheek bone. Keep piling it on until you reach your desired look. A makeup artist at Sephora also told me this works well as a lip stain too. If you test that out, show me! Then, take a powder brush and blend the blush onto your skin. I was really put off by this color I was like “Damn, that’s bright.” But, it actually looks super and she recommended it for brown skin tones!


  1. Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow [Iggy]: (Find @ Sephora) Use an eyeshadow gbp-nye-green-dream-pic-3brush to pat this over your lid below and up to the crease of your lid. This is highly pigmented and it lasts for a very long time. Here’s your 2017 pop of color!
  2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette [Crave]: (Find @ ULTA) Use an eyeshadow brush (wipe if off of course) and blot this color from the outer corner of your lid to the middle. This helps to tone down the green, but if you wanna leave it all green, that’s all you!
    1. Tip: Use tissues to catch any eyeshadow that fall off the brush or tap excess of before you put it on your lid.
    2. Take a smaller powder brush and really blend the green and black together.
  3. SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Line 24HR Felt Eyeliner [Black]: (Find @ Sephora) Time to wing your peepers! Start making the line from where you want your chicken wing to end…um I mean wing. Who said chicken?! I’m hungry, sorry! Yeah, draw the line along your eyelash line to your tear duct area. Keep making the wing larger by moving the tip a little higher each time. Make it thicker for bolder eyes.
    1. Use a wet Q-tip (I usually just lick it) if thats’ not your thing dip in in a teeny tiny bit of water and wipe off any mistakes and clean up the wing.
  4. Maybelline The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara [Black]: (@ Ulta) This is also at drugstores. Sweep this on your lashes a few times to extend them.
    1. Tip: A lot mascara usually goops at the tip of the wand, so use the tip of the wand and glob some mascara on and spread it with a few strokes of the wand. It’s faster if you’re pressed for time!


  1. L’Oréal Extra-Intense Eyeliner [Brown]: (Find @ Ulta) Extend your brows with this and fill in any gaps…lightly please. This ain’t eyebrow pencil.
  2. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara [Clear/Transparent]: (Find @ local drugstores) Swipe this onto your brows and it brushes them out nicely and keep them looking neat!


  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: (Find @ Sephora) Cover your luscious pout with this primer. This helps make sure the lipstick goes on nicely.
  2. Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Color [Panther/5042A]: (Find @ local drugstores) This is literally at every drugstore I go to and it’s only two bucks! Black Radiance is for women of color so you can bet your booty this will look nice. I don’t particularly like this lipstick only because it’s not matte and I prefer matte color, but the color was really great so I bought it! Check out their other products though!
  3. If you don’t like the dark lips try a rosy brown nude lip instead like this!

Okay now that you’re all beautified…I hope that you have an awesome and safe New Years! Happy 2017 Geeky Beauts!!!

xo Ayana




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  1. Nicole G says:

    Your skin is glowing 😍 Can you do a makeup tutorial with a silver eye shadow?

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  2. geekybeaut says:

    Thanks! Absolutely! I can do that 🙂 Yay! You’re my first request 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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