Calling all Social Butterflies! Follow me on Facebook and Youtube!

What a pretty butterfly 🙂

Hey there Geeky Beauts! 

I love social media and I love sharing my content and I’m interested in viewing other blogger’s content. I’m glad to be a part of the blogging community and I’m slowly learning the ropes! They’re long ropes but it’s still SO exciting!

**To all of my followers, your continued support warms my heart and is much appreciated! Thank you so much!**


Follow me and I’ll follow back! 🙂

I am hoping to make my social media networks as interactive and as follower-friendly as possible! So, please send me requests/questions about makeup, relationships, or life advice. I always do my research and I’ll give you my very best feedback. So please don’t be afraid to ask me whatever you’d like!


~ I’m on Facebook as A Geeky Beauty Party. Find me here. 


~ I’m on YouTube as GeekyBeautyParty. Subscribe and follow me here.


~And of course I’m on WordPress as A Geeky Beauty Party. Follow me here. 

Thanks again!

xo Ayana ♥︎



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