Breaking Bad Habits-Leaving “Chewtown”, How I Stopped Biting My Nails After 22 Years!

Hey Geeky Beauts!

School, midterms, finals, tests, quizzes, projects, arguments with my bf, sister or parents, friend drama, stress, period problems, bloating, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, hunger, boredom…

ALL of the above and much more led me to chew off and eat my nails.

Holy f*cking crap!

Nothing could stop me from keeping my fingers away from my mouth. Stress made it even worse. I would chew and chew and chew until my nails bled and I had the sense to actually stop.  I would look at the bloody stub and think okay that’s enough…at least I have nine more to chow down on. 

I HATED my bad habit because I enjoy painting my nails, but there was literally nothing to paint. I’m glad I had long fingers because otherwise my hand would have probably looked like my foot. *facepalm*

Here’s how I tried to stop:

  1. Hot sauce: Didn’t work, I love hot sauce!
  2. Painting my nails: I eventually got used to the taste. The amount of nail lacquer in my body must be high. The chemicals made me see things…I’m kidding. But, was that a bird in my room?
  3. Gloves at bedtime: Nope, too hot!
  4. Acrylic nails: Better, but I stilled chewed on the acrylic, so even when the acrylic came off, I would still chew off my real nails. Waste of 40 bucks! Lol.
  5. Sitting on my hands: Too hot and umm I have work to do. I can’t write a paper with my toes. Although I can unlock and text on my iPhone with my toes…
  6. Asking my bf to tell me to stop if he saw me biting them: We’re long distance…

I tried soooo many things to get myself to stop and nothing worked!

It wasn’t until I came home from college and really started to lower my stress by working out, reading more and doing things that I loved. I also have a lot of free time since I’m not currently working! Hopefully I don’t fall back into old habits when I start grad school. Lol.

I got acrylic one more time before I had to attend my bf’s sister’s Quinceañera photo shoot, and I plucked the acrylic nails off and vowed that I would never bite them again. I started occupying my time more with things that made me happy. Then, all of a sudden I just lost the desire to bite my nails. It was that simple, I needed to be in a low stress environment and focus on being my best self, that I didn’t have the need to chew off my nails.

*Also, funny story: while at the nail salon getting my acrylic done, the nail lady looked at my nails and sighed “I knew everything about you couldn’t be perfect!” I was like “WOAH!” Those nails techs are super blunt. But, it did help prompt me to make sure I stopped. Lol. 

Moving along,

I massage coconut oil into my nails every night at bedtime and it really helps keep them strong and healthy looking. They’re not super long since it’s only been 36 days (Yeah, I counted) since I stopped biting them.

GBP chewtown nail biting coconut oil photo.jpg
Here’s the coconut oil I use! 

I have fun painting my nails now because my fingers actually look sexy instead of looking like someone took a saw to them while I was sleeping (I had a dark moment. Lol!)

I think that I’ve officially broken my habit, now I hope that my new found discipline will stand the test of time! Bye Bye Chewtown, you won’t be missed.

Who’s knows maybe I’ll become a hand model one day!

Anyone else have a nail biting habit, if so tell me about your journey and whether or not you’ve been able to quit! I’d really love to know 🙂

GBP blog post chewtown nail polish pic
The nail polish I used is Salma Hayek NUANCE Collection in the color [Black Dahlia 460] You can find it at CVS! Note: I clearly am not so good at painting my right hand nails since I’m right handed..the struggle. But, a few more hand washes and the mistakes will go away!
xo Ayana 

P.S. Chew gum instead, it tastes better!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. carlosuper2 says:

    It’s always good to over come bad habits. Definitely now is better than never. So proud of you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bloggerfromthebronx says:

    lol that’s funny! I wish there was something that I can try for my boyfriend, he’s been biting his nails since he was a kid. He’ll really think I’m crazy if I suggest that he tries acrylic lol. If there’s anything that you think he should try, let me know! Great post by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. geekybeaut says:

      Sorry it took me a while to respond! I wanted my bf’s opinion on it and I kept forgetting to ask him. lol. So my bf suggested that your bf can put lemon on his fingers. Or, that he can keep like a rubber band on his wrist and slap it on his wrist if he catches himself biting or if you catch him biting. But that is self harm and that may not be a good idea. It doesn’t hurt much though. My idea was that he could get a manicure, just buffed and they could fix up the cuticles and stuff. No polish or anything. My uncle gets manicures dos it’s no unmanly if he’s worried about that. My logic for this is that, if his nails look nice he may not want to ruin them bit gnawing on them lol. Good luck ❤ xx


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