Hair Crack! Er-Dry Shampoo… LUSH Cosmetics “NO DROUGHT” Review

Hey there Geeky Beauts!!!

I wanted to talk to you about this product I’ve been using for about a year now, it’s awesome, it’s ah-mazing, it’s exquisite, it’s…hair crack!…Okay yeah it may resemble the addictive white powdery substance, but maybe it secretly is because….






no drought dry shampoo photo 2 gbp

blackstreet photo

Lol. All jokes aside though, LUSH Cosmetics sells this incredible dry shampoo called NO DROUGHT. (No diggity, no drought..yo LUSH drop the verse…tee-hee) I’m sorry I had to channel my inner Blackstreet there!


This dry shampoo has worked wonders for my hair in between washes. It’s not very healthy to over-wash hair and that’s where dry shampoo comes in. It absorbs sweat, odors and excess oils from the scalp.

My hair is more dry than oily, but my hair holds onto odor like nobody’s business. It’s so
annoying! My hair is like a sponge. I love to bake and if I open the oven for even 10 seconds my hair will smell like the brownies I just popped in there! If someone is cooking sausage, I’ll smell like a sandwich. Not that these savory scents aren’t mouth watering, but I’d rather not have my hair smell like a meat farm when I’m trying to be cute!

I was so thankful to have found this product…actually my sister found it, but I’ve been the one using it for the most part and it really helps remove food smells, or a light sweaty scent from my hair. Now, this isn’t to replace shampooing, obviously if you ran a marathon and sweat is pouring over your face…a good head scrub is in your best interest. This dry shampoo is great for those days when you want to give your hair a break. I use it when during the stretch of time that I’m not washing my hair. For example, here’s my current hair-washing schedule:

Ayana’s Hair Washing Schedule

My Hair washing schedule


*Note: Tuesday & Thursday are my hardcore workout days!

LUSH no drought bottle gbp

no drought powder gbp
The powder is really soft! It feels great between the fingertips!

So, what’s good and what’s not so good about this product?

large font goodies vs bads for lush no drought


It’s clear that the good outweighs the bad for this product! If you buy it, I would love to know your thoughts!

Grab a bottle of this magic powder here! 

Would I recommend to a friend?

Hell YEAH!

How I rated this product:


lush no drought rating

xo Ayana







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