Origins Rose Clay Face Mask: Time to Get Your Face Glowing and Smooth Like Butter!

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me after using origins rose clay mask GBPWho doesn’t want sexy skin for the summer?

During the summer months I try and stay away from too much makeup because when it gets super hot I just start to sweat…a lot. To me, it’s really important to get a nice (almost flawless) complexion so I don’t feel like I need to wear any makeup at all!

For the past two years, I’ve been using a face mask once a week…religiously. I change up when I run out of one but it’s worked wonders for my face.

Before I began using face masks consistently my skin felt kind of felt like alligator skin…bumpy; it wasn’t smooth. I never really suffered from acne, but my face just didn’t feel nice like the rest of my body for some reason. So I began to exfoliate regularly and use masks to help slough off dead skin. It’s been amazing and I’ve never been happier with my skin!! I mean I get breakouts during my period and it’s never perfect but my skin has come a long way. So I wanted to share the skin mask that I’m currently using with you all.

I got this rose clay mask from Sephora as a 100 point Beauty Insider reward a few months ago since I ran out of an old mask that has since been discontinued (sad face). I love clay masks to begin with but I’m still searching for an Alpha Beta Hydroxy mask (the one I used to use because I think that’s what helped my skin the most), but this one has been great as well and this one exfoliates at the same time.

ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (find here @ Sephora)

On Sephora’s website you can buy this mask in a tiny pack just to test it for $4.00 or you can purchase the regular sized bottle for $26.00. It’s really up to you! I would suggest trying it out first though in the smaller size to see if you actually like it!

How to Use:

Origins rose clay skin mask one my face GBP
Me with the face mask on! 

I suggest using the mask once a week. You don’t want over exfoliate your skin because that can make it too sensitive. It’s also important to wear sunscreen when you’re exfoliating too!

  1. Get an ample dollop of the mask on your clean fingertips after a shower.
  2. Gently smooth it over the skin.
  3. Leave on about 10-15 minutes. Sometime I leave it on longer if I get distracted doing something else.
  4. Take a soft damp washcloth with warm water and gently wipe off the mask.
  5. Rinse any excess off with your hands in the sink with warm (not hot) water.
  6. Follow with toner (witch hazel is what I use…like this one here on Amazon) and use your regular face moisturizer (preferably with SPF).

I’m certain that if you do this weekly that you’ll see results, especially in the texture of your skin. It’ll glow and feel smooth and soft! I LOVE this.

If you happen to try it let me know what you think! Check out my Instagram post about this too…I have a short 30 second clip of me applying this mask!

Happy Skin everyone!

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