Skincare Haul: My 5 Products for Glowing Summer Skin

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La Isla Shopping Mall Ocean photo GBP Blog Post Summer Skin.jpg
I took this photo at La Isla Shopping Mall went I went to Cancún, México this past November! You can view this while shopping! It was so cool 🙂 

GBP summer legs blog post legs picturePicture this:

You’re laying on a soft pink towel that’s laid out over warm, white sand. You have a cold glass of lemonade in one hand. You look hot as hell in your swimsuit and your bare legs are a mile long and the sun’s rays are bouncing off of them ever so gently. Did you picture it yet? Good. Yeah, I can’t wait either lol!

So yeah, I’m sure you guys will want to take a bunch of pics or just simply feel your best while you’re out and about this summer which is 9 days away!

So, if you’re planning to show lots of skin (I know i’ll be) in babydoll dresses, strappy tops or maybe you’ll be visiting a nude beach! (wink) I always try to keep my skin as soft and as clear as possible! It needs to look good because I would never wear makeup to a beach lmao! My face would melt. So here’s the five products I use to keep my skin silky, glowing, and soft.

By the way, all the product names are hyperlinked! So check them out!

GBP Blog Post Summer Skin Product Photo.jpg

  1. Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion

    1. I use this right after I hop out of the shower. This doesn’t have an overwhelming smell (it’s a light fresh scent) so it won’t smell funky if you spritz on your perfume afterwards. You can snag this for $8.99 from Walgreens.
  2. Cold Pressed Organic Vegan Coconut Oil 

    1. Use this after you put on your moisturizing lotion, it’ll help lock it in. I use this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It give say skin a sexy oily glow. I love how it looks in the sun. I put enough on so people can see themselves in my legs. Lol. (Just kidding….but I certainly use a lot). It’s only $8.24 at CVS Pharmacy!
  3.  Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream: Golden Magnolia

    1. I use this just on my arms and chest to act as a perfume. It has a strong floral scent and I usually don’t feel like bothering with perfume if I’m going to be out all day. It’s on sale right now for $6.25.
  4. IGK Hair & Body Dry Oil Finishing Spray: Speechless

    1. This $29.00 dry oil comes in an aerosol can and if you just mist it on your body and over your hair, it adds for a silkier look. Also, it has a nice coconut/vanilla scent. It’s a beautiful smell for the summer. I love that you can use it EVERYWHERE! It’s absolutely amazing!
  5. LUSH Cosmetics Solid Body Tint 

    1. This is just a little treat to add to your skin for a cute shimmer. I have both colors that LUSH offers: Shimmy Shimmy ($7.95) and Black Stockings ($11.95). Shimmy Shimmy is an ivory colored heart shaped bar that provides a white sparkly finish to the skin. Black Stocking gives a coppery and bronzed look. I really like both, but I prefer Shimmy Shimmy because if it’s gets on my clothes, it’s just extra sparkles. Black Stocking leaves a coppery mark. Both are really sexy tints though. I use it on my legs, arms and chest! The sun reflects off of them beautifully! Check the pic below to see both tints!


If any of you Geeky Beauts try these soon, please let me know what you think of them!

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