Drunk In Love with Drunk Elephant’s Rise & Glow Skincare Duo Set! (If you have oily skin this is great for you!)

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Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklacesI’m clearly a Beyoncé fan. But, I’m also a Drunk Elephant (D.E) fan. Which is why I felt compelled to write this post. Whoohoo for tipsy elephants!

**Fun Fact: Drunk Elephant actually got its name from the myth that when elephants eat the fruit from Marula trees that it actually makes them tipsy because it ferments while in their system! D.E. uses the oil from the trees in a lot of their products. 


Maybe people can start serving D.E. products at bars instead of beer…just a thought!

elephant-2452201_1920.jpgSo, I had been on the hunt for some good skincare products for a while and while I was at my Sephora Orientation  we got to test out some pretty cool products. I have oily skin and I learned that people with oily skin also need lots of hydration. Too much hydration isn’t good, but if you’re moisturizing regularly and you drink lots of water, your oily skin can be controlled.

I was talking to a skincare specialist and I’ll give you a quick summary about what she told me about oily skin:

  • People with oily skin have a tendency to over-wash and over-exfoliate their skin with the hopes that the oiliness will vanish. Well, it does vanish but only for a short time, then alllllllllllll of that oil comes out of your pores, but this time in excess.
    • Why does that happen?
      • When you over-wash to get that “tight” feeling in your skin, you’re actually forcing your pores to compensate for its newfound dryness. Your skin freaks out and wonders why the heck am I so dry? and proceeds to produce more oil on your face.
  • So BOTTOMLINE: You do have to make sure you are hydrating your skin enough but don’t over-do it.

What’s in the D.E. Rise + Glow Kit?

drunk elephant gbp featured photo 2

pumpkin GBP1. C-Firma Day Serum 

  • This serum contains antioxidants to help nourish, firm and hydrate the skin. It also smells delicious because it’s formulated with pumpkin extract, pomegranate enzyme and Indian gooseberry.
  • After using this for about two months, I’ve noticed that my skin is brighter and it feels more hydrated. I absolutely love it!
  • It’s lightweight which is great for oilier skin.
    • **Skincare Secret: I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and pat– not rub– it into my skin. I learned from the specialist that it’s better to pat serums into the skin because it gets into the pores better. It kind feels like I’m shoving it deep into each pore, so I prefer that method when applying serums and creams too!

2. B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel 

  • I like this product but I feel like I don’t get enough hydration with the product alone. So, I usually mix it with my other day moisturizer Clinique Pep-Start Hydro Rush Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20.
  • I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin because it won’t provide enough hydration.
  • This also has a nice scent because it includes: pineapple ceramide, watermelon rind, apple, lentil complex and bearberry (yes, that’s a thing…it surprised me too).  Overall, this product is best used as a mixer for me and it helps to give an extra boost of hydration.
  • I think the best part about this product is that the pineapple cermamide acts as a skin lightener which helps to lighten those annoying marks left behind after a pimple disappears.

Overall, I really like this duo set. It’s great for everyday use and most importantly it’s not too heavy. Furthermore, it comes a small metal tine that perfect to travel with!

Product Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5 stars. This would have been a five star product if the hydration gel worked well as a moisturizer on its own!)

If you try this out! Let me know in the comments!

Do you have oily skin? If so, how do you combat it? Post in the comments below!

Another elephant pic because…who doesn’t love a baby elephant? 

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