Fiery Fall Makeup Look: “Inferno”

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Back at it again with a new makeup look!




Since it’s Fall, I thought I would do a look that used typical fall colors. I found a YouTuber by the name of Safai Kelly who did a sunset type look and I adored it!! Check out her awesome video here! I tried my best to emulate her look, but I did my own little variation of it to give it a little more of a gothic vibe. So, this new look is called Inferno. (Shoutout to my BFF Cameron for suggesting this name!)

Anyway, I recently got the Juvia’s Place “Zulu” Palette as a surprise gift from my boyfriend and I gotta tell ya’ I was thrilled when I got this palette in the mail from him because it was a brand that I had wanted to try for a loooooong time! (Thanks baby!) Juvia’s Place is a brand that is marketed towards women of color; they choose pigments that really “pop” and have a good color payoff on darker skin tones. Everyone can use them, but the brand has this whole African vibe that I completely adore!

So, here’s how you can get this look!

inferno 4 gbp

**Don’t forget that all the product names are hyperlinked so you can find where to buy the product online!

**The Colors labeled #1-#5 refer to the Zulu Palette diagram below!! The colors on the palette were not named so I needed a way to help show you all which colors I used. Isn’t it kind if strange that the colors don’t have names though? I’ve never seen that on a palette before. What makes it even stranger is that it’s the only Juvia’s Place palette that doesn’t have names for each color. Lol! The makeup world is a bizarre place!

inferno 5 gbp.png

Eyes 👀

    1. I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion [color: Original] to prime my lids. I dabbed a bit on to each lid and smoothed it over my lids to make sure I didn’t have any creasing.
  2. CREASE COLOR – Pink 
    1. I grabbed the Zulu Palette and a fluffy blending shadow brush to blend Color #1 into my crease and to my outer corner.
    1. To make my cut crease, I grabbed the NYX Eyeshadow Base [Color: White] and used a flat shadow brush to apply this to my lid.
    1. Using Color #2 from the Zulu Palette, I took a small tapered eyeshadow brush to pat the color on my inner corner just below where Color #1 falls on my lid.
    1. I used a clean eyeshadow brush to pat color #3 into the middle of my lid, just after where my yellow color ended. I married this orange color with my already pink outer corner using a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush.
  6. PINK
    1. I used color #1 again to darken the outer corner.
    1. I used my favorite Stila All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner [Color: Black] to draw my wings. This really helped to make the look more sultry and defined.
  8. BROWBONE HIGHLIGHT – Metallic Pink
    1. I used the flat top of an eyeshadow brush to dab color #4, bright metallic pink color, underneath my eyebrows. This added a touch of sparkle✨ to my look.
  9. WATERLINE COLOR – Purple 
    1. Since, I wanted a more gothic feel from this look, I decided to line my lower lash line with a dark purple color. I took the tip of an eyeshadow brush and patted color #5 just below my lower eyelashes.
    1. I used one of my favorite mascaras called Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara by IT Cosmetics [Black]. It’s super amazing and it doesn’t clump!
  11. ***FAKE LASHES 
    1. I had wanted to use fake lashes for this look because I felt like it would make my eyes looks super dramatic, but I didn’t have any at the time. I definitely would recommend them for this look though!

Face 💁🏾

    1. I applied Boscia’s Porefecting White Charcoal Mattifying Treatment Primer to my face (after using my daily moisturizer of course) and spread an even layer over my entire face. I applied this to my lips as well.
    1. I have been using small samples sizes of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation [Color: Y505 – Cognac] and I really like it. Use a foundation brush to blend this over the face.
    1. I spotted the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer [Color: Hazelnut] on any spots that couldn’t be covered with one layer of foundation.
    1. I used a fluffy powder brush to dust the Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation [Color: 9] foundation onto my face.
  5. BLUSH
    1. Using the fat end of a beauty blender I tapped the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD  Blush [Color: 515 – Tangerine] onto the apples of my cheeks and dragged the blush a bit across my cheekbone for extra color on my face.
    1. I used an angled highlighting brush to lightly dust on my Maybelline Mineral Powder [Color: Nude] highlighter down my nose, on my chin, cheekbones, upper lip and forehead.


  1. I used my e.l.f cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil [Color: Dark Brown] to fill in and define my eyebrows.
    1. **Tip: You can use clear mascara to go over your brows to give them a more defined look.


  1. My lips had already been moisturized and primed before applying my lip color. I used the e.l.f cosmetics Velvet Matte Lipstick [Color: Vampy Violet].

I hope you enjoyed learning how to get this look! Do you like it? Yay or nay?

Please comment and/or like to let me know what you think of it! If you try it out, please send me a link to a photo of it!

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