About the Geeky Black Girl

Hey there and welcome to A Geeky Beauty Party!

But first…lemmie take a selfie!

I’m Ayana and I love experimenting with makeup for women of color. I like methods that are relatively simple (and not too time consuming) but they will get the job done and still keep me looking foxy!

I’ve also recently found joy in reading comic books and watching anime (hence, why I call myself a geek). I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but analysis is my thing. I tend to focus on racial stereotypes, the hyper sexualization of both sexes and homophobia. It runs rampant in many comics! It’s crazy, but some comics are awesome so I’ll recommend them too!

Also, most of my friends and family tell me that I’m pretty good at giving advice, so send me questions about relationships, sex and love and I’ll do my best to answer them for you! I’ve been through college and I’ve had quite a few good…and bad experiences with guys, but who hasn’t at this age? Sexuality and the expression of it is highly important to me and my journey on figuring that out has been challenging as well!

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So, I hope you enjoy my blog and any suggestions or questions are welcomed!

Happy Reading 🙂

xo Ayana